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Business Setup UAE

Setting up company in Dubai is not a cakewalk but once it is done, it works wonders and yield maximum results. One of the most important considerations while starting a company in Dubai is that one should have a concrete business plan and hone one’s entrepreneurial skills before starting a business in Dubai. There is a big demarcation between settings up a business in county like Dubai. One has to take care of several things while taking up a big step forward. The first and foremost thing for exploiting a business opportunity in Dubai is to gain extensive knowledge about Dubai. Knowing the nitty-gritty of Dubai will come in handy as having a thorough knowledge of the place where you want to set up your business is extremely important. There are many sectors wherein one can choose to setup a business and so having a clear cut idea and having a blueprint about the particular sector in which one wants to establish a business is another important factor. Basically, for starters it is one of the most difficult tasks that one can come across in Dubai. The measures put up by the government are stringent and there are some legal aspects that need to be kept in mind while establishing the business. Basically, there are two kinds of business one can set up in Dubai.

Benefits of doing business in UAE

UAE offers world-class business opportunities to entrepreneurs from across the world. Growing economy, rapid development, flexible business environment and simple company setup process, all combine to make UAE one of the most popular offshore business setup locations. Famous for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-class facilities, there are a number of reasons to choose to set up business in UAE. Owing to the wide array of business opportunities in Dubai, it still remains the most sought-after business location in the Middle East.

The UAE offers a plethora of advantages to companies seeking to establish a business here. Setting up business in UAE includes offshore destinations and free zones. Setting up an offshore or a free zone company implies relocating or expanding your business overseas. Such locations are special economic zones which are tax free and duty free, and offer 100% ownership benefits to expatriate investors.

Free Zone and Offshore Business Setup in Dubai

One is having a free zone business set up in Dubai and another is offshore business. One of the easiest ways to set up a business is establishing a free zone company in Dubai. Going by the term it clearly indicates that it is entirely at the ownership of the person who starts it which means 100 % ownership lies in the hands of the person who establishes it. For a business set up in UAE one can be free from any restrictions bonding the entrepreneur and only one person should form the business. There are no taxes levied on such business and one can enjoy opening the bank account anywhere in Dubai. The best part is that such business can be easily liquidated without any time restrictions and it is highly confidential without anyone getting vulnerable to hampering the privacy of the business. The renewal charges are bare minimum in this kind of business and the entrepreneur can hold as many properties as he/she wants and can do various activities at any time. Such entrepreneurs can also establish international business at the same time while setting up free zone business in Dubai. The free zones in Dubai can help one in taking various decisions such as useful advice on the kind of corporate structure that suits your requirements and consulting services for your present and future business plans.

The documentation procedure is also made easy by the free zones in Dubai who can help in drafting the documents and submission process, legal requirements and getting to know the ground rules of the business. The visa process is also briefly handled by the free zones in Dubai and any problems with the options of partnership are made easy by help of the free zones. If one wants to open bank accounts in Dubai then the free zones are handy as they provide their expert advice. Getting approval from the ministries in Dubai, department of free zones is a tedious task so one can consult free zones for helping with all these formalities. Second type of business one can set up in Dubai is that of an offshore business. If a business runs outside its physical boundaries then it is called as an offshore business. For example, if a business in Dubai establishes a same one in USA then it is called as an offshore business. It is not just restricted to the domestic boundaries and it goes beyond the domestic territory of the business. In a nutshell company formation in Dubai is easy if one knows what is involved in the procedure and formalities of establishing a business in Dubai.

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